About the Crating Company – Innovative Crating Solutions

Innovative Crating Solutions, founder of Commercial Crate (.com) is a industrial crating company and commercial crating company based out of Harleysville, PA. Our commercial crates and industrial crates have been used over the years for shipping, storing, and packing various line up of items.

From the heaviest of industrial equipment to the most fragile commercial items, ICS can crate it all.

If your industrial or commercial product exists, we can crate it!

Founded in 1986 by Jerry Vinhar, Innovative Crating Solutions has been serving commercial and industrial companies in need of custom crates for nearly 30 years.

Our industrial crates can be tailor made to contain and retain products or virtually any shape or weight. Commercial crates are designed specifically for each scenario as well. Have some important material your business needs stored or moved? Let ICS help.

Our commercial crate solutions are as good as they get and our hard work, dedication, and reliability has lead us to be one of the industry’s most trusted providers. Just look at some of the clients we have worked with.

ICS has the commercial crating or industrial crating solution you are looking for.